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How It Works

Step 1: Create yourself an account. You will have up to five zones to choose from to request sale or coupon information. Most people will need just one.

Step 2: Login and create yourself a Shopping List. We have over 1000 products catalogued however feel free to send us a note if you believe we have overlooked an important product. The Shopping List is critical to unlock the data in the software. By seeing what you purchase on a regular basis, we will know what sales and coupons to show you.

Step 3: Select all the stores and restaurants you typically shop at. Again, this helps us know what sales and coupons to show you. If you don't shop at Safeway, we aren't going to send you Safeway information.

Step 4: Browse through all the coupons that we have in the system and add them to "My Coupons". You also have the option to create your own coupons if we don't have them. Things like Rebate deadlines, CVS credits that show up on your receipt are typical coupons that people track. The idea here is that you want to know your entire inventory of coupons so that when you go shopping you have the actual paper ready to whip out at the cash register.

Step 5: Print out your Shopping list or email it to your smart phone before you go shopping and shop at the stores that give you both a sale and a coupon on the items you need to buy. MAXIMIZE your savings!!!!


Tips To Save

Delay buying what you want by as much time as possible

It's interesting how your desire to buy something can fade over time. You think you need something, then you realize after a week or two that you just "wanted" it...but didn't really need it. Impulse buying generally leads to either overpaying for something (no time to research) or buying something you don't really need.