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Sale Name Giant Food Sale 09/06/2013 - 09/12/2013
Store Name Giant Food
Flyer None
Begin Date 09/06/2013
End Date 09/12/2013

Sale Line Items
NameProduct NamePrice
Florida's Natural Orange Juice Florida's Natural Orange Juice $1.99/Each
Pork Loin Pork Loin $1.79/Pound
Powerade Sportks Drink 32 Oz Bottle Powerade Sports Drink 32 Oz Bottle $0.69/Each
Fresh Atlantic Salmon Salmon $5.99/Pound
Top Round London Broil London Broil $1.99/Pound
Bertolli Pasta Sauce Bertolli Pasta Sauce $2.50/Each
Cantaloupe Cantaloupe $1.49/Each
Pineapple Pineapple $2.99/Each
Jumbo Honeydew Honeydew Melon $2.99/Each
Hillshire Farm Ultra Thin Lunch Meat Hillshire Farm Thin Lunchmeat $3.33/Each

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