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Coupon Name $10 off $40 Purchase
Begin Date 01/12/2011
End Date 01/18/2011
Vendor Name Any
Product Name Any
Store Name Harris Teeter
Source Mail Flyer
Other Source
Delivery Mechanism Mailer
Date Received
Coupon URL
Discount/Price Amount 10.00
Discount Units Dollars
Discount/Price Type Discount
Comments Only valid at Hastings Market Place store in Manassas, VA. Requires VIC Card

Tips To Save

Buy Entertainment book

Leave it in your car. It will pay for itself over and over again. One Dick's coupon for $25-50 or a couple trips to the movies will pay for the book. The rest of the coupons are for your benefit. Easily $100-200 extra savings in a heart beat. You can buy another book at a fraction of the price if your first book is used up.